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Reward Points

Every client has a chance to earn reward points and will be able to cash them in for services or products. For every dollar you spend, you get 1 point. For example, if you spend $100 you get 100 points. Listed below shows the amount of points required to redeem services. At this time we do not have any products in the system.

Just Relief


Muscle Recovery

Prenatal Massage

Integrated Therapeutic Massage

Royal Massage

5,000 Points

7,000 Points

7,500 Points

8,500 Points

9,000 Points

9,900 Points

Extra Time 30min

Extra Time 40min

4,000 Points

5,500 Points


Foot Treatment


Soothing Cup

Hot Stones

Mini Cold Stone Massage 

2,500 Points

3,000 Points

3,000 Points

3,000 Points

4,000 Points

4,000 Points

Body Scrubs

Full Body Scrub

4,500 Points

6,500 Points


Every referral will give you 2,000 points. In order to acquire these points the client that was referred must book an appointment. They must also complete their intake form and put your first and last name into the question that says “who referred you.” Failure to do this will cause you to miss out on your earned points.

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