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Targeted Facial Experience |$130|

A comprehensive process that helps you achieve long lasting, healthy skin. An in depth skin analysis & consultation help determine which treatment(s) will yield the best results. This facial is recommended for first timers, those with skin concerns they would like to address, and those looking to experience true relaxation. We offer microdermabrasion, chemical peels, LED phototherapy, extractions, and much more. (60mins) 


Active Balance |$30|

Regulates good and bad bacteria on the skin's surface to promote a healthy microbiome while simultaneously  minimizing excess oil to achieve a mattified appearance without over-drying the skin.
- Recommended Skin Types: oily, acneic, clogged, teen

Fresh Glow |$30|

This state-of-the-art treatment works on a molecular level, by creating a “mesh-like” layer of “second skin”  that’s been clinically proven to provide 48 hours of continuous hydration.
- Recommended Skin Types: normal, combo, dull, dehydrated

Rapid Radiance |$30|

A maximum strength treatment that enhances the skin's radiance, and glow while softening skins texture and visibly reducing signs of aging. 
- Recommended Skin Types: mature, saggy, lackluster, fine lines/wrinkles 

Luminous Defense |$30|

Helps fight biochemical and environmental triggers (i.e. pollution, stress, sun exposure, etc.) that are known to speed up signs of aging while hydrating and enhancing the skin's natural glow. 
- Recommended Skin Types: mid 30’s- late 40’s, prematurely aging, normal, combo 

Deeply Nourishing |$30|

Intensely moisturizes dry, depleted skin and helps minimize damage of vital proteins and lipids that defend against dryness.
- Recommended Skin Types: dry, tight, stripped of moisture 

Sensitive Skin |$30|

Extremely gentle process to calm, soothe, and alleviate symptoms of redness, itching, burning, discomfort, or highly irritated skin 
- Recommended Skin Type: sensitive, rash, rosacea, wind-burned, sun-burned 

Eye Lift |$30|

High performance eye treatment that energizes the eye area to reduce signs of stress, fatigue, puffiness, dark under eye circles, and bags
- Recommended Skin Types: ALL 

Just Extractions |$30|

 Professional removal of blackheads & whiteheads to reveal a smooth texture & unclog pores. 
- Recommended Skin types: safe for all 

Even Tone |$30|

One of a kind treatment that utilizes potent, active ingredients to help reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone.
- Recommended Skin Types: uneven skin tone (minimum 6-8 services recommended to guarantee results) 



Brow Maintenance | $12 |

Lip or chin hair removal 

Brow shaping or Clean-up 

Lip/Chin | $5 |

Sideburns | $15 |

Hair removal from the top of the ear to the bottom of the ear on the left and right side of the face.

Cheeks | $15 |

Hair removal from the jawline to the top of the cheekbone on left and right side.

Nose | $12 |

Hair removal from the jawline to the top of the cheekbone on left and right side.

Full Face | $60 |

Includes the eyebrows, sideburns, cheeks, nose (optional), lip and chin.



Front strip of hair removed from collarbone to ribs

Underarm hair removal

Underarms | $22 |



Chest Strip | $20 |

Full hair removed from chest 

Full Chest  | $35 |



Hair removed from wrist to elbow, or elbow to shoulder 

Strip | $20 |

Strip of hair removed from ribs to belly button



Half | $35 |

Full | $40 |

Hair removed from wrist to shoulder



Mid Back | $35 |

Full Back | $70 |

Hair removal from the top of the shoulders to the tailbone

Hair removal starting from middle of the back to the top of buttocks



All the hair is removed from the labia, and inner crease of both legs

Bikini Line | $30 |

Hair removed in the crease of both legs and along the bikini area

Bikini | $40 |

Brazilian | $60 |

All the hair is removed from the labia, inner crease of both legs,  and buttocks

Derriere | $45 |

Hair removal from the buttock area



Hair removal from ankle to hip

Half | $45 |

Hair removal ankle to knee or knee to hip 

Full | $80 |

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